★ on being an angel ★


new music video for "brit boy" out now !!! directed by sarah nation and edited by nick harral :)

ON BEING A TAPE VOL. II out now !!!
stoked to share a couple new songs with you guys before we embark on our first US tour with the lemonheads next week !!!
check out the music video for "brit boy" on youtube now and stay tuned for a 627 tapes collab... ;)

our set live in LA filmed by the homie nate kahn :)

vid of our full acoustic set 5/31/2022

new track yet to be recorded from the yj show...

dumb lil vid for our latest single "favorite doll" : )

live in feb 2020

our first show, swassxsw march 2019

16mm film i painted superimposed over some super 8 footage

music vid i made from super 8 footage i filmed & developed

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