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we are VERY excited for our next show!!!
we're doing a special.. movie & a show... :00
presented by end of an ear and eastside cinema
we're playing vol. 2 of their new series ENDSURROUND
friday july 26th, 2024
we are playing a live set
followed by a screening of john cassavetes'
1974 independent classic..
starring gena rowlands and peter falk..
music at 8pm, movie at 9pm :]
u can grab $10 tix right here ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

initially written by john cassavetes as a stage play inspired by his wife and collaborator gena rowlands' desire to portray a contemporary woman's everyday struggles and strife, cassavetes shifted directions to a screenplay once gena read the script and realized it would be too intense and emotional to perform nightly on stage. they struggled to get funding for the film as they were told "no one wants to see a crazy, middle-aged dame" and had to turn to friends & family for help financing, including leading star and longtime friend peter falk, himself investing $500,000. the crew consisted of professionals and students from the american film institute where cassavetes was serving as "filmmaker in residence", and to keep costs low they shot scenes in a real house off hollywood blvd and gena was responsible for her own hairstyling and makeup. upon completion of the film, cassavetes now faced troubles finding distribution and in turn found himself calling theater owners and lugging around film canisters in hopes of getting one to screen the film. eventually the film gained traction and was well revered amongst other filmakers and critics alike, cementing it in film history as an indepent classic.

a woman under show

angel bandana

latest merch is now 4 sale on our bandcamp :]
we offer u....
the pixel tee (below,, hand-drawn by me)
<-- and the angel bandana :00
(art by our pal ryan o'hara miller!!)
i added just a few up..
so get em while u can... :p

pixel shirt

umbrellas flier by moi

we've got a show tomorrow night june 6th, 2024 with the umbrellas on tour all the way from san francisco :00
at mohawk inside,, doors at 8pm,, all ages,, like $15ish idk,,
we'll have this pixel shirt ( flier and shirt design by moi :] ) for sale along with another treat maybe...?

soft mode by connor
reg shot by connor

photos from the 4/17 show at the 13th floor with launder by our bud connor schultze
the left is a regular shot and the right is in "soft mode"

launder flier

we've got a show next week
@ the 13th floor in austin :]
we're playing with launder from LA
wednesday 4/17, doors at 8pm
u can grab $15 tix right here ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

striking a pose
og angels
bb angel cookin

us in the kitchen (practice space) cookin (recording) a couple new treats (tracks) for u guys :]

vid of a new unreleased song live at the yo la tengo aftershow 2/25 shot by isaac zamorano :]
and catch us at sxsw this thursday 3/14 at tweedy's for a freebies :P

sxsw 2024 at tweedys

hi! pls stay tuned for sxsw news tba thank u!! :]
but in the meantime.. pls enjoy these pics by sean b. from the yo la tengo aftershow last week <3

nick at the ylt show
me at the ylt show

obaa 2.25 flier

dear diary..

pls come awaken yr senses with us
sunday feb. 25th
for a YO LA TENGO aftershow
inside mohawk
following their sold out set outside :]

our buds cast of thousands
will be joining us
for maximum vibes
so u won’t want to miss this spiritual night…
tix on sale now HERE ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚

hello all and welcome to 2024 !! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪
we had such a fun time ringin in the new year with our buds snail mail and narrow head!!
huge thanks to everyone that came, i hope u all had as much fun as we did !!! :]
special shout out to adrianna for the cutest handmade obaa bracelet :'] i know finding all those beads wasn't easy LOL
and also shout out to fiona for the cute drawing from the SA show, our first fan art <3 u guys rock !!!!

obaa pillowcases

we also made some exclusive pillow cases
for the nye show that sold out :00
so thanks to everyone that bought one
and validated my unconventional merch dream :]
the anime angel (courtesy of tamagotchi)
was also put on some plain white Ts,
so head to our bandcamp to snag one
if u weren't able to make it to the show!!

lastly... we were nominated for "BEST ROCK" in the austin chronicle's 2023 austin music awards :00
if yr local and feel so inclined, u can vote for us HERE and help us cement what we already knew as fact ;)

me at nye by cole
nick at nye by cole

photos from nye with snail mail at mohawk in austin by cole :]

SA by sworn by sound

SA by sworn by sound
SA by sworn by sound

photos from paper tiger in san antonio with snail mail & narrow head by stephanie loftus for sworn by sound

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