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guv gig

flier for the young guv & clear acid show at yj

militarie gun gig

flyer for the militarie gun gig at ballroom

the boys

"the boys" by me while recording "fav doll"


"me" by nolan while recording "fav doll"


handmade dolls ( by paige ) with lyrics on the belly loll


"fav doll" single keychains w/surpise bonus content & handmade charms : )

by sean 1

pics by my bestie/manager/agent sean blackall

by sean 2

what's nick smiling at this time lmao

doll shirt

exclusive "angel edition" butt print doll shirts:)

quicksand flier

flier for a very legendary gig... by paige a.


personal flier for the friday the 13th swass show...
( full line-up )

unplugged shock

my friend said i look like a "bamf" ;) pic by john byrnes
( exclusive trucker hat... )

unplugged set

from the unplugged set, pics by sean blackall

unplugged shock

what did nolan just say to me...

unplugged set

it looks like i told a funny joke lol

unplugged shock

nolan really feeling it...


we printed some shirts with the flyer on em for the gig


and burned & printed some cds (gotta get some good scans) :)

july 1st flyer

flyer by ben roberts for the 7/1/21 show with chronophage

unplugged shock

flyer we made for our "unplugged" patio set

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