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hotel vegas 10/14/22
merch for 10/14/22

got our next and, as of right now, our last local austin gig of the year/before tour coming up in a couple weeks !!
stoked to be playing with some friendsss.. az power from LA, cage world from SF, and da homies stab from atxxx
at hotel vegas friday 10/14/22 and we'll have some special limited merch for sale so come thruuu :00

lemonheads east coast tour

the lemonheads shows are selling outttt !!! don't be a fool and miss out on tix pls cos we only have so many guest spots for ppl lmaooo
tix still available for west coast and some east coast dates at links here :)

ballroom by dylan
ballroom by dylan
ballroom by dylan
ballroom by dylan

a few photos from the 9/16/22 ballroom show with why bonnie by dylan shay :)
check out the austin chronicle article here recapping the show if u missed it !!
( spoiler alert: we were 15 mins late on stage and i cursed hehe )

lemonheads east coast tour

omg another show of the tour sold out !!! :00 hope u got ur tix dc !!
very excited for the sold out jersey show too, we'll have our homie cooper winterson filling in on drums for us that night B~)
tix are movinggg so grab em while u still can !! tour dates/links here :)

flasher alt flier
why bonnie alt flier

a couple dumb alternate fliers i made :)

flasher flier
why bonnie flier

got a couple resound shows in austin coming up with some homies !! :)
with flasher on tues aug 30th at empire control room ( tix here )
and then next month fri sept 16th at the ballroom with why bonnie for their album release show ( tix here )

lemonheads tour

ok we are MORE than stoked to announce we're going ON TOUR with the lemonheads and juliana hatfield later this year !!!
it's the 30th anniversary tour for it's a shame about ray so they'll be playing the album in its entirety :00
come catch us on our FIRST tour across the US with a couple of my FAV musicians !! ticket links are on the tour page here :)

update : tix are selling fast for the lemonheads/juliana hatfield tour !!
night 1 in boston sold out so they've added a second night dec 18th :)
grab tix for the second boston show here and check out the rest of the tour dates here for tix !!

dylan's bday show
the berries rec release

very excited to be playing a couple shows in LA with the homies towards the end of the month :)
we're playing the slab at the LA river for my friend dylan's bday party
and zebulon with the homies the berries for their record release show !!


a couple pics from august 5th, 2022 at cheer ups by jay ybarra


pics from mohawk show with fiddlehead by dylan shay

fiddlehead flier 1
fiddlehead flier 2

fliers for the 7/9/22 show at mohawk outside with fiddlehead and no pressure

bday swass

dustin's bday swass show with legend jad fair :0

bands that wear hats

bands that wear hats...

sxsw polaroid

polaroid by trey karnes from our official sxsw show for tx emo club


band members only jackets sorry hehe

free week

free week with the homies bleed for their first gig !!

guv gig

flier for the young guv & clear acid show at yj

militarie gun gig

flyer for the militarie gun gig at ballroom

the boys

"the boys" by me while recording "fav doll"


"me" by nolan while recording "fav doll"


handmade dolls ( by paige ) with lyrics on the belly loll


"fav doll" single keychains w/surpise bonus content & handmade charms : )

by sean 1

pics by my bestie/manager/agent sean blackall

by sean 2

what's nick smiling at this time lmao

doll shirt

exclusive "angel edition" butt print doll shirts:)

quicksand flier

flier for a very legendary gig... by paige a.


personal flier for the friday the 13th swass show...
( full line-up )

unplugged shock

my friend said i look like a "bamf" ;) pic by john byrnes
( exclusive trucker hat... )

unplugged set

from the unplugged set, pics by sean blackall

unplugged shock

what did nolan just say to me...

unplugged set

it looks like i told a funny joke lol

unplugged shock

nolan really feeling it...


we printed some shirts with the flyer on em for the gig


and burned & printed some cds (gotta get some good scans) :)

july 1st flyer

flyer by ben roberts for the 7/1/21 show with chronophage

unplugged shock

flyer we made for our "unplugged" patio set

living room live stream

living room live stream flier i made

back of flier

i used rolling papers for the "frame" loll

april 2020

april 2020 at the practice space


what species are they? (i stacked them sorry) its in brazil

april 2020

show canceled due to covid

uwu t-shirt

potential t-shirt design

march 2020

last show pre-covid :0 with the homies chronophage & 2069 (rip) on 3/11/20


put the guitar down & covered 311's "beautiful disaster/down" as tribute

by leah

swass nite december 2019

by leah

pics by leah kehoe


fliers from our mini texas "tour" (dallas, houston, & austin) november 2019

by kai

more from the tape release show

by kai

pics by kai wilde from sprawwl

by sean

from the tape release show

by sean

pics by my bestie sean blackall

6/27 tape release show

flier by me for the 6/27 tape release show, november 2019


tapes from 6/27 tapes (holding limited copy) SOLD OUT

swass firsts

swass firsts show flier by dustin p.


sxswass show flier by dustin p.

paige a. first show

my first show ever, swass firsts november 2018, solo as paige a.

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